Old Republic National Title Insurance Company

Old Republic National Title Insurance Company


Old Republic National Title Insurance Company, a title insurance and closing services company, was founded in 1907 and is currently headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Old Republic is licensed in all 50 states, and has both company owned offices, affiliates, agents, and approved attorneys who provide its services across the U.S. 

Old Republic National Title Insurance Company Services 

Much like other competitors, Old Republic National Title Insurance Company offers services including: 

  • Commercial title services: including commercial title insurance, commercial closing assistance, and single or multi-site assistance. 
  • UCC insurance policies: policies designed to help protect and insure a lender's priority and security interest on a borrower's non-real estate collateral. This can help speed up a lender's process for asset-based loans, mezzanine loans, and syndications. 
  • Timeshare assistance: projects allowing customers to purchase points that equal a certain length of time allowance to stay on a vacation/resort-style property. Old Republic can also assistant with properties involved in fractional ownership, which is typically a deeded interest segmented into portions consisting of 1/6 of a year, or 2 months of ownership. 
  • Title search services: provides title searches for customers focusing on sales resales, construction, and home equity/refinancing. 

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