What is a Closing Disclosure?

Closing Disclosures: What You Need to Know


If you're purchasing a home or other residential property, U.S. government regulations under the Dodd-Frank Act's TILA-RESPA rules mandate that you be provided a form called a closing disclosure, which you'll have to sign in order to close the deal. According to federal law, you have the right to see your closing disclosure at least 3 business days before closing. 

What is typically covered on a closing disclosure form? 

A closing disclosure form usually covers expenses including: 

  • Outstanding mortgages to be paid
  • Amount of new loan 
  • Loan origination fees
  • Property appraisal costs
  • Title insurance costs 
  • Tax preparation fees 
  • Credit report fees
  • Courier fees
  • Document/recording fees 
  • Real estate agent fees
  • Settlement/closing fees 
  • Closing protection fees 

Do closing disclosure forms apply to commercial property? 

In most cases, closing disclosure forms are not required for commercial closings. However, there may be some exceptions; if a commercial property is being used for a family or non-commercial, "consumer" purpose, it may be held to TILA rules, which usually would mandate a closing disclosure. 

Make sure to read your closing disclosure as early as possible 

Reading your closing disclosure is a great way to make sure that all of the costs of your loan are in order-- and that there aren't any unexpected surprises lurking. If possible, see if you can get your closing disclosure more than 3 days before closing in order to review it thoroughly-- and always have someone else, such as a trusted friend, family member, or attorney look it over with you to make sure there are no inconsistencies. 

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