What is a Florida Title Insurance Reissue Credit?

Florida Title Reissue Credits: The Basics 


While Florida title insurance may not be incredibly expensive in itself, no one wants to spend more on closing costs than they have to. Fortunately, for some property buyers, there's a loophole in Florida law that may allow them to get a significant discount on their title insurance rates. It's known as a reissue credit-- and while it doesn't apply to everyone, those who use it can often save a lot of cash. 

Florida Title Reissue Credit Eligibility 

Florida property buyers are eligible for reissue credits in situations including: 

  • Title insurance policies less than 3 years old: If you're buying a property, and the current owner has had a title insurance policy issued within 3 years of the effective date of your policy, you can qualify for a reissue credit discount. 
  • Refinancing your property: While this doesn't exactly apply to property buyers, if you're refinancing a property and previously bought at title insurance policy, you can use this to get a reissue credit (as long as you do so before the refinance is complete.) 
  • Raw land: If you're purchasing raw land with no structural improvements, except for "roads, bridges, drainage facilities and utilities," and a previous landowner has purchased title insurance, you're also eligible for a reissue credit. 

Florida Title Reissue Rates

If you qualify for a reissue, your rates on title insurance can be significantly lower. Right now, Florida title insurance reissue rates are: 

  • $0- $100,000: $2.45/$1,000
  • $100,000- $1 Million: $2.00/$1,000
  • $1 Million- $5 Million: $0.50/$1,000
  • $5 Million- $10 Million: $0.25/$1,000
  • $10 Million+: $0.50/$1,000

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