Rivo Alto Island Title, Escrow, and Closing Services

Rivo Alto Island is best known as one of Miami Beach's Venetian Islands, a series of man-made islands that were created nearly a century ago by early South Florida developers who wanted to increase land values in the area.  Like its neighboring islands, San Marino IslandHibiscus Island and Star Island, Rivo Alto Island is home to many of exclusive properties, most of which are priced at well over $1 million. 

If you're considering buying residential or commercial property located on Rivo Alto Island or in the general Miami Beach area, you'll need a partner who can provide effective title insuranceescrow, and closing services-- and our team at Florida Title Company is ready and waiting to help. So, whether you're simply purchasing a vacation home or making a large scale commercial real estate deal with a variety of moving parts, we've got you covered. 

To learn more about title insurance and closing costs on Rivo Alto Island, fill out the form below and a Florida title attorney will get in touch. 



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