The Florida Title Company Promise

At Florida Title Company, we promise that you won't find better customer service anywhere. While buying property might seem like a simple affair at first, those in the know understand that there are a variety of moving parts of the process-- especially when you want to make sure you're legally protected from title problems that could lead to major financial risks.

General and Concierge Attorney Closing Services 

In order to safeguard our clients' interests, Florida Title Company offers a variety of comprehensive services, including: 

  • Protection from document mistakes and title recording errors 
  • Identification of fraudulent documents, including wills and deeds 
  • Analysis of potential judgements and liens against a property 
  • Discovery of unpaid tax bills
  • Owner's and lender's title insurance policies 
  • Escrow services 

We Offer Streamlined Title Verification Services 

In addition, our title verification process involves: 

  • Comprehensive title search 
  • Ordering surveys and other studies 
  • Real estate tax analysis 
  • City and county lien identification 

Unlike dealing with a traditional title provider, Florida Title Company offers beginning-to-end title agency assistance, combined with unparalleled customer service. To do so, we maintain regular communication with all major parties involved in a transaction, including buyers, sellers, lenders, and real estate agents, in order to make the process as smooth as possible and avoid unexpected issues. 


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