How to Avoid Getting Ripped Off by Your Title Company

While many title companies offer legitimate, straightforward service--not all do. In some cases, your title company may attempt to charge you a higher-than-usual amount of title and closing costs, some of which many be completely unnecessary. So, in order to make sure you're not paying for anything you shouldn't, beware of "junk" or suspicious closing costs-- like the ones we describe in this article. 

What Are The Most Common 'Junk' Title Costs

Some of the most common junk title and closing costs include: 

  • Title exam fees: Due to changes in Florida law, it's no longer legal for a title agency or closing firm to charge a title exam fee. Any exam fees are including in the title insurance premium itself.

  • Recertification or title update fee: If you're being charged additional fees to update or recertify your title after closing, something might be amiss. The only situation this might be appropriate is in the case of construction projects or loans, which may require updates as the project becomes complete.

  • Postage/mail-away charges: Most legitimate title companies will pay for any postage costs themselves. Some companies will attempt to charge additional mail fees for remote closings, but they shouldn't-- since a remote closing is often even less expensive than it's in-person counterpart.

  • Mortgage satisfaction fees: This should be taken care of by the settlement fee and title insurance premium-- an extra charge shouldn't be needed.

  • Telecommunications costs: Again, most legitimate title companies won't attempt to charge you for any of their basic overhead costs.

Florida Title Company Only Charges Legitimate Fees 

Unlike some title companies, Florida Title Company only charges you for the basics-- everything else is on us. These typically include: 

  • Title search

  • Title insurance premium

  • Settlement fee

  • Recording fees and taxes

  • Updates for construction projects

  • Wire transfer fees

  • Courier charges

  • Title endorsments

In addition, sometimes a fee will be charged for special services, in the case of a particularly complex or complicated closing. However, the additional cost of this will always be addressed upfront-- it won't simply be added to a customer's bill at the end of the process. That way, there are no surprises-- and everyone can leave their closing happy. 

To learn more about how title insurance, title searches, and escrow services can help protect your property, consult with the experts at Florida Title Company for a free consultation. 


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